We are a team of young & experienced professionals. Our interest is in education & training of kids and helping them to achieve the most of their potential.

Brainobrain Hungary is operating a rigorous education system for training and evaluating trainers to be constantly prepared and up to date with knowledge and efficient in teaching.

Alexandra Béni

I am an energetic, open-minded person, who truly believes in what Brainobrain stands for. My goal is to empower children by interacting withthem on different levels.
Email: alexandra.beni@brainobrain.hu

Neringa Ruzsics

Neringa Ruzsics

I am enthusiastic person with desire of teaching kids. Using BRAINOBRAIN methods I can help for kids to make the best of their skills.
Email: neringa.ruzsics@brainobrain.hu

Judita Uremovic

I have many years of experience in teaching children of various ages and backgrounds. I love my teaching vocation and always strive to encourage children to discover the best within them.
Email: judita.uremovic@brainobrain.hu

Michal Filip

Michal Filip

Every child is a gift! They are full of potential and possibility. Our mission is to encourage them and help them to find their own path in life. To achieve this we use a tool called Brainobrain. As a trainer, I pursued the recipe for balance in life. Since then I found out: the quest starts in childhood.
Email: michal.filip@brainobrain.hu

Regina Vermes

I am a cheerful, open-minded and helpful person, who loves teaching children. If kids are happy, I am happy too.
Email: regina.vermes@brainobrain.hu

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