1. SunitaVishwakarma (India)

Parent of Nikhil Vishwakarma / Age – 9 yrs.

Nikhil's concentration has increased. He has become more confident and a quick learner. Vocabulary and spelling skills have improved. Now he can do quick mental calculations. He showed excellent academic performance and was the class topper and secured 98% in the half yearly exam. For the Math Olympiad, he scored 98.2% and was ranked 31st.


2. Annie S Paral (Philippines)

Patent of Jairus Dominic Gohel / Age – 8 yrs

After my son Jairus enrolled for Abacus, there have been several changes academically. He has become fast in computation and does not count on his fingers anymore. He is more focused on his studies. Memorization has become easier for him. We are glad that we chose Brainobrain for his mental development.


3. Mohammed Elabbasy (Egypt)

Parent of Adam Mohammed Elabassy / Age – 8 yrs.

Ever since my son Adam Elabbasy started training at Brainobrain, he has become better than all his peers in maths. His calculation speed has increased and after each level, we can see the improvement in his performance. He has also started to talk and write in English. We are very happy with his progress and hope that Adam can complete all levels in Brainobrain.


4. Grace Braganza (India)

Parent of Samuel Joe Braganza / Age – 8 yrs.

Math has always been my son's favourite subject and therefore my friend insisted we should enrol him at Brainobrain. Little did I know that it would change my son's overall development and concentration skill so positively that he would be called a genius in Grade II itself. In fact, his friends in school called him 'Simple Samosa', and he didn't take offense. When asked, he said it was a compliment. He was called Simple because he could solve math sums with such ease, speed and accuracy that his classmates were in awe of him. And Samosa because, well, he loves samosas! On a serious note, I am extremely impressed with the personalised attention Brainobrain teachers give to each and every student apart from constantly motivating them and teaching them to go forward step by step. Pleasant personalities of the teachers, great teaching methods and brilliant brain stimulating activities are what won my heart. I will not hesitate ever to recommend Brainobrain to whoever I meet.


5. Saravanan and Uma Priya (India)

Parents of Soorya Narayanan and Swati Annapoorni / Age – 6 yrs and 5 yrs.

Our kids Soorya Narayanan and Swati Annapoorni started their Brainobrain Abacus Programme at the age of 5 and 4 respectively. BrainoBrain Abacus Programme increases their concentration, memory and academic performances. Brainobrain programme inculcates activities like art and craft, which improves the creative skills of children. The kind of training provided by Brainobrain enabled our kids to score full marks in school. They won many trophies and gold medals in Abacus competitions in Oman as well as in India. We are proud of our kids and thankful to the faculty of Brainobrain, where our kids completed LB 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th modules successfully—for their sincere support.


6. Muhammad Kokash (Jordan)

Parent of Dana and Yara / Age – 7 yrs and 10 yrs.

Brainobrain helped my daughters in mathematics. They are faster with calculations now and I believe they will do even better once they complete the entire programme. Their confidence has improved as well and they are no longer scared of standing in front of their peers at school for class presentations and other activities.


7. Mokhtar and Salwa (Egypt)

Parent of Basem Mokhtar / Age –11 yrs.

My son was having problems with mathematics but Brainobrain has once and for all put an end to his negativity towards the subject. He has become faster in solving sums and he is interested in attending the class. Thanks for the programme and thanks to the teachers at Brainobrain.


8. ShripadRane and Deepa S. Rane (India)

Parents of Shravan ShripadRane / Age – 8 yrs.

Our kid is a BOB kid, and that’s really great! I think Brainobrain is the best for all growing kids. The mentors take much effort to teach the children without putting undue pressure on them. My son is close to completing 4th level of Brainobrain and I see in him a lot of confidence, concentration, retention, mental coordination and visualization, just as we were promised by Brainobrain. Thank you!


9. MaqsoodAlam and ShabeenaNaaz (India)

Parents of AaribJibran / Age – 7 yrs

Brainobrain is an excellent skill development programme that helps to improve capabilities in children and makes the learning process easier. Abacus is used for calculating and learning maths by imparting faster calculation skills. It also improves problem-solving abilities. Overall, I can say that Brainobrain is best for sharpening learning skills in children. I believe teachers play a very important role for Brainobrain’s success. They are very skilled and well trained. Our son Aarib had an interest in maths right from the beginning and that was the reason we decided to sign him up for the Brainobrain programme. Since joining, his calculation skills have developed and he shows a keen interest to learn. He is always eager to go for the Brainobrain classes and does his homework sincerely. Apart from learning maths skills, he has also become more interactive with others and confident.


10. Omran and Badriya (Oman)

Parents of Yousuf Omran / Age – 8 yrs

I was very undecided when I first approached Brainobrain. The teacher encouraged me to enrol my son and I did. It was a great decision. Now, he enjoys his Brainobrain lessons and is also very interested to study his school subjects, especially mathematics. When he started mental arithmetic, I could see a drastic change. Not only has his addition improved, he has also started learning and speaking English. This is thanks to his peers from different nations, who have played a significant role in my child's communication skills. Brainobrain syllabus is really magical and can improve the confidence of every kid. A big thanks to the team.


11. SuchiyashreeRaveeshKadava (India)

Parent of Rachith Chirag / Age – 6 yrs.

We want to say thank you to each and every faculty member of Brainobrain. They are an exceptional team and we are very grateful to all that they have done for our son. Our experience with Brainobrain has been phenomenal. The transformation that we have seen in our son Rachith Chirag and the skills that he has gained from the training here are simply wonderful.

12. Nosheen Bilal (Pakistan)

Parent of Aayan Akhtar Khan and Anabiah Khan / Age – 8 yrs and 7yrs.

Brainobrain has sharpened the ability of my children to utilise their mental abilities to maximum capacity. This has helped not only in academics, but has also definitely helped increase their independence in terms of thought processes and has increased their self-confidence.

13. Uttam Kumar Saha (Bangladesh)

Parent of SpondonSaha / Age – 9 yrs

Brainobrain has helped my children immensely. Their writing speed has increased and counting capability has improved. The accuracy with which they complete calculations has improved as well. I have also noticed that their memory capacity has developed. The Brainobrain programme is excellent and we have complete trust in it. Thank you!


14. Abid Butt and Saima Butt (Pakistan)

Parents of Fatima Abid and BardhaAbid / Age – 9 yrs and 12 yrs.

I feel that Brainobrain is wonderful for all growing children and I am proud to say that my kids are Brainobrain kids. The teachers put a great deal of effort into training the children and we appreciate their effort. My daughters will soon be completing their 2nd level and I hope that they continue with the programme. Our thanks to Brainobrain. We look forward to seeing more positive changes in our children.


15. SreejaKurup (India)

Parents of Sidharth Sunil Kurup / Age – 8 yrs

My son SidharthKurup joined Brainobrain classes in March 2018 and I am glad that I made the decision to enrol him. The systematic training and learning material have helped him do mathematical calculation fast and accurately. It has boosted his confidence and focus. I would like to thank the teachers for their constant effort and support.