General Information

Brainobrain program is based on Abacus Mental Arithmetic (VAK – methods : Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) and NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) techniques. Based on the results of many years of research by various institutions and institutes whose field of research is the human brain, it has been determined that children’s brains mostly develop and form between  4 and 14 years of age. During this period the child’s brain easily absorbs and processes information, which is why it is crucial for mental gymnastics to be implemented as early and as often as possible. The result? Increased potential in brain power!

Abacus method

Today, the information about abacus as a universal mental gymnastics tool, is being accepted everywhere in the world – by using the abacus for a short period of time (3 months) quick and visible changes in the behavior of children and their mental abilities are achieved. The desired goal is achieved by  use of abacus as principal tool in our program. What makes the abacus different and special is its structure and function. The abacus has a specific look and, since each column has a value, children easily create a mental picture in their head, therefore they can quickly and with certainty overcome any mathematical task that is put before them.

The tips of the human fingers are intertwined with endings of neurons – signals are being sent and are perceived by the  brain, so regardless of whether we can see or not we can recognize whether we touched a rock or a toothbrush!

Since abacus is being used with fingers, it stimulates the brain, especially if the activity is related to a particular task or repeated at intervals. Therefore mathematical operations performed on abacus by children are a wonderful mental training, the same as push-ups or squats for the brain!

During classes, children learn to visualize the abacus balls (visual sense), synchronized with magical words (auditory sense) and continuing with specific exercises or movements of the beads (kinetic sense), in order to get to an answer to the problem.

Through this process, an intense brain training is performed,  leading to ingenious abilities of children.
As the next step, once children are very familiar with  the abacus, we proceed to introduce the visualization.


Children learn how to visualize the abacus so that it is no longer needed  in a physical way – children create a mental picture in their head, and depending on the level they have reached and persistence in daily exercise, up to 10 abacuses can be visualized at any one time, which means that they can simultaneously run up to 10 different mathematical operations, whether addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, decimals, etc.

The development of these skills (multi-tasking) at the earliest age of the child is essential in making life easier and in preparing for the most demanding challenges.

Timely involvement of child brain

In Brainobrain we work with children on development of the following skills: speed and efficiency, continuous learning, increased improvement in concentration, memory, visualization, self-confidence, self-awareness, directed behavior, creativity, speed of information processing, increased visual and hearing skills as well as self-discipline.

The uniqueness of the program lies in the special conditions in which the courses are held,  relaxed and creative atmosphere in which the most important thing is positive reinforcement and where all children are treated as little geniuses!

The goal of the Brainobrain program

The goal of the Brainobrain program is for every child to  awaken their ingenuity and to reach more life goals by using most of their mental capacities. By developing their brain, children become self-conscious and responsible, improve the quality of their life and of those around them, increase their intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence as well as improve the world around them!